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Atlan Foot Cup for Inflatable Raft (unit) (FC-R)

Atlan Foot Cup for Inflatable Raft (unit) (FC-R)

Accessory designed to equip inflatable rafts with flexible toe clips to give paddlers a better grip in the boat.

  • Wide opening stirrup-shaped footrest
  • Perimeter of the footrest reinforced by a 2.5cm and 3.7cm strap
  • Drainage drains integrated into the bottom of the footrest
  • Footrest dimensions: Opening: 15cm (6in) Height: 10cm (4in)
  • Base dimensions: 28cm X 26cm (11in X 10in)
  • 18oz PVC fabric
  • High tenacity 1 '' and 1.5 '' polypropylene webbing
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