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Atlan Nylon 400 D Cocpit Cover (CPC1)

Atlan Nylon 400 D Cocpit Cover (CPC1)

Essential accessory to avoid the presence of insects inside your kayak and also save some money in fuel consumption.

  • Constructed in a single piece of fabric
  • Anti-slip rim band combined with a round elastic 6.4 mm
  • Cockpit size code via the extraction handle
  • Hook on the back to secure the cockpit cover on your kayak
  • 400 D PU coated nylon with 10,000mm PU coating
  • New Gecko Grip anti-slip technology for the rim band
Color: White/Black
  • Technical details

    • 400 denier nylon coated with 5000mm PU waterproofing
    • Contour band with slipnot technology
  • Sizing chart

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